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C-Family: Sneak Peek

Sometimes lollipops and Thomas make photos bearable for a two year old

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maury potts Woo-Hoo Liz you are looking hot!!! these are beautiful, and i love your boys hair!!! yall are beautiful, and Arden is amazing, like always!!!November 24, 2010 – 9:33 pm


I have known Jennifer since 4th grade! I was BFF.ORVER. with her younger sister and we would all three have sleepovers, rollerskate, ride bikes, and eventually drive cars and be teens together. Manuel is a beverage man – promotes  some delicious booze They go out quite a bit, it’s part of his OH SO FUN […]

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Sarah Potter I love these…What a hott couple. Nice work with the sun flare!!November 23, 2010 – 10:23 am


I ♥ Faces Theme:  Paper My daughter LOVES to eat anything; including paper. Check out the other entries HERE.

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Maria your daughter is beautiful :) and i loved your pictureNovember 22, 2010 – 11:00 pm

Maria Your daughter is beautiful :)
and I really loved your pictureNovember 22, 2010 – 10:59 pm

Jackie Jean cute :-)November 22, 2010 – 12:18 pm

Kristin Sweet. My babies loved to eat paper, too. You captured yours so prettily.November 22, 2010 – 11:25 am

whitney so sweetNovember 22, 2010 – 10:27 am

Kathryn Grace Photography Beautiful shot! Thanks for commenting on my blog!November 22, 2010 – 10:12 am

Dana-from chaos to Grace She is so totally adorable! Wouldn’t it be nice if they made books with taste….LOL She’d be in heaven! HAHAHA Beautiful entry!November 22, 2010 – 9:30 am

Architecture Peek

This gal traveled all of the way from Boston to have these captured! I have made a new friend! More to come

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maryana seriously insane space and detail …. personality shines through. cool stuff!March 9, 2011 – 9:37 pm

Dana-from chaos to Grace WOW! These are wonderful! The architecture is beyond WORDS!November 21, 2010 – 4:39 pm

D.Family Peek

I love this no-nonsense, hard working, beautiful and kind family. More to come! p.s. Stephanie bakes beautiful cakes!

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Heather Essian Beautiful! Love that last family shot :)November 19, 2010 – 11:31 am

Erin Wilson Love the blue!!! Great pics as always ArdenNovember 19, 2010 – 9:31 am

Sarah Potter Love the outfit choices!! So adorable.November 19, 2010 – 9:16 am