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My girls + Me

Heather needed some photos taken in her studio, so I asked her if she would mind snapping a few of me too – for some [much] head-shots. Then I thought about throwing the girls in a couple, since Paul or Pierson are the only ones who get to take photos of us. It was pretty fun […]

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Melissa your girls are GORGEOUS! this really makes me want to have another girl so my little one will have a baby sister!October 1, 2011 – 8:16 am

Kimmy What cuties! Ya’ll are so so so adorable! p.s. where did you get your top! I’ve been looking for a top like that for FOREVER!!October 1, 2011 – 12:11 am

Raven Arden! You and your babies are just the most beautiful things! Such a lovely family you have. Don’t forget to give them all an extra hug tonight!September 30, 2011 – 6:36 pm

Shawna I can’t believe how grown up Edie looks! She is starting to look more like how she will look…rather than newborny- you know? You are all so beautiful…and it’s not just the great lighting :-)September 30, 2011 – 5:35 pm

L+D Engaged: Peek

Just a beautiful and fun pair.

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Jenn Sawtelle cool ring shot!September 30, 2011 – 6:22 pm

mandy These are beautiful, Arden!!September 29, 2011 – 3:43 pm

Nevada McNeeley GORGEOUS!!!!!!September 29, 2011 – 3:23 pm

Kelsey Senior: Sneak Peek

The light at this session was so perfect and it stayed for quite a while!

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Life with Kaishon What a beautiful session Arden. I love her dress. So pretty! Gorgeous horses.September 26, 2011 – 5:28 pm

Jenn Sawtelle Oh, Arden! These are just GORGEOUS! She is going to love these!!!September 26, 2011 – 4:47 pm

Baby J: Peek

What a little doll he is. Baby J made me work for it, but it was quite worth it. His daddy will be proud – A P90X baby already!

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Karin He is gorgeous. :) I just had my first newborn shoot (for a friend) a few weeks ago and I know how hard it is to get those ‘face on arms’ photos. Beautiful work!September 24, 2011 – 7:58 am

Rafael Sanchez Heartwarming pictures by an excellent artist of the most beautiful grandchildSeptember 23, 2011 – 6:54 pm

Mary He is adorable!September 23, 2011 – 4:26 pm

Keri So sweet!September 23, 2011 – 12:53 pm


First I wanted to say I will be ‘out of the office’ for the next several days. Why? It is my 30th birthday weekend! Paul arrived home yesterday to say, “Babe, we are leaving for New Orleans tomorrow through Monday!” This is one of our favorite cities and we are lucky enough to have a […]

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Karin Happy Birthday, Arden! I hope you have a wonderful weekend in New Orleans. :) I’ve never been there, so I’m looking forward to more awesome photos from you. I loved my 30’s and here is something to look forward to…40’s are even better. Seriously. :)September 16, 2011 – 8:08 am

Sharen Happy Birthday! My husband and I got to spend 3 days in New Orleans earlier this year when we had our HUGE holiday to America (we live in Australia) and we LOVED it there. New Orleans just has it’s own energy and we loved exploring around the French Quarter. Our favourite place was Preservation Hall – 3 hours of spectacular jazz music – bliss!September 15, 2011 – 5:14 pm

Tiffani Happy Birthday Arden! Hope ya’ll enjoy your weekend!September 15, 2011 – 3:48 pm

Keri Happy Birthday! Oh have fun. I loved seeing the pictures. Makes me miss home.September 15, 2011 – 1:33 pm

Micah Folsom what wonderful years you had in your 20-somethings. i’ll bet your 30-somethings will be even more rewarding!September 15, 2011 – 1:32 pm

Life with Kaishon So excited for you. You make 30 seem fantastic! I love your attitude about life!September 15, 2011 – 1:19 pm