Baby N Birth

I met Shawna only a couple of years ago when we through, our mutual friend, Hilaree – a ‘Going Away Party.’

Well, Hilaree left:( boo.  However!  Shawna, Heather and I have all become good friends.

Heather was going to photograph Shawna’s birth, but she happened to be shooting a wedding in Jamaica – when the BIG DAY came.

So, I was back up.  I was thrilled to be able to photograph such a monumental and special moment.

Shawna and I had been texting all day Sunday… we knew the baby was coming, but we weren’t sure when?!

I went to bed about 11pm, hoping for a beuatiful sunrise birth… well baby N decided that middle of the night would be better.

I arrived at their home – around 1:20am… Shawna looked amazing.  Joking, laughing, smiling, getting through contractions with ease!

I was amazed.  Envious.  Proud.  For her. and Hopeful for my own birth this summer.

She had her team of midwives there – Donnellyn (of All About Babies: Midwifery) was as sweet as can be.

So soothing, comforting, strong, supportive and exactly what I imagine a midwife to be.

The progression wasn’t as quick as we thought, but it was happening…

I laid down for a while, while she was in an out of contractions and shortly after I heard Shawna in more pain than before…

I popped up – camera in hand – and ran into the bathroom.

It WAS TIME… not long after Baby Natalie was born at 4:01am – right into her mommy’s arms.

What a wonderful moment.

I welled up with tears – watching my strong friend – catch her baby and love on her immediately.

Blake was joyful and strong, the midwives rocked it, Shawna was ecstatic and I was able to capture it all!

Wow, what a beautiful miracle.

Thank you guys for allowing me to photograph your moments… I really wish Heather could have been there too!:)


Time for Mommy and Baby – to take an herbal bath!

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by Arden Prucha

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Brian Wright As always your photos tell such great stories. I always look forward to seeing your work. Impressed in Ft. Worth!!August 10, 2011 – 10:16 am

Jessica Gorgeous Arden! There is something so sweet about those first few moments when mom and baby see each other for the first time. I love watching mommas fall in love with their baby. :)March 31, 2011 – 10:33 am

Amy @ Living Locurto Oh wow! Those are amazing photos!! Worth the wait for sure:-) I love that little baby tush. The ones in the herbal bath at the end are my fave. Great job!!March 31, 2011 – 1:17 am

amber g ARDEN! This is beautiful, and surprised myself by getting choked up! love love love!March 30, 2011 – 7:18 pm

Megan Bates Arden, your work is simply breathtaking. You capture the smallest details that make your photos magical. You WILL be photographing any major event in my life. So proud that you are living out your dreams with such success!!March 30, 2011 – 6:24 pm

Heather Essian SO BEAUTIFUL ARDEN! Way to go friends so proud of you both, wish I could have been there :).March 30, 2011 – 6:20 pm

Shawna Thank you so much friend! I am really happy to have this moment in pictures! P.S. for the novice homebirth viewers: the midwives made a healing herbal bath for us afterwards…we’re not happily bathing in gross stuff..even though it looks like it!March 30, 2011 – 5:23 pm

Rachel Oswalt How amazing!!! I cannot believe how alert she (baby) is in these pictures. Her eyes are so magical!March 30, 2011 – 4:14 pm

Shanna Leigh I’m not even pregnant and it looks like I’ve already found my birth photographer! Gorgeous work and what a beautiful new family!March 30, 2011 – 3:37 pm

Merissa This is breath taking. You did a fantastic job Arden. Thank you so much for sharing this. HOW BEAUTIFUL!March 30, 2011 – 3:04 pm

Erin Askenasy Beautiful.March 30, 2011 – 2:39 pm

tick-tock-tick-tock » Arden Prucha Photography […] was Shawna’s birth in March. Baby girl number two – and a home birth. I arrived at her home at 1:15 am, to find […]August 12, 2011 – 6:09 pm

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