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2011 Holiday Sessions

**If you book one of these slots YOU will be entered to win a 16×20 canvas ($350 value)!** OCT.24: 4:45 5:15 5:45 6:15 OCT. 25: 4:45 5:15 5:45 6:15 Here are the cards offered this year – from the awesome {ART-IS} Templates. Fine Print: $200 due at booking. Monday-FW Modern Museum Tuesday-Stockyards Location and times […]

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Rolled Canvas Giveaway

Contest closed! And… the winner of a 16×20 rolled canvas is………… Numero Cuatro is: Life with Kaishon… Becky Adams! Becky, shoot me an email for details!!! has graciuosly offered a beautiful 16″x20″ ROLLED CANVAS for one lucky winner! To enter is super EASY… all you have to do is: 1. Please Like “” on Facebook and […]

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Life with Kaishon Stop it right this second! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!July 11, 2011 – 2:59 pm

Ellana I liked UPrinting on FB and I would have the photo of my son or use it for my parents up coming wedding as a gift for them xo. Thanks for the opportunity!July 11, 2011 – 5:00 am

Phuong Definitely a family photo out somewhere colorful and fun…at our next photo shoot with lady A.July 10, 2011 – 9:54 pm

Tiffany Groom Well, considering that I don’t have any professional pics of me and the feller, I’d have to hire this adorable pregnant blonde chick to take a few …July 10, 2011 – 7:28 pm

Nicole Hammons I’d love to print a family portrait we had taken where my little girl is throwing her arms around me and my husband!July 10, 2011 – 7:20 pm

Sarah welsh I liked you on Facebook :)
I have a beautiful picture of my 3 kids that I took in a field…I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get it printed!July 10, 2011 – 6:45 pm

Erin Askenasy I’d most likely have a picture from our beautiful wedding or family/engagement pics printed on this. (All beautiful Arden Prucha Jenkins images of course!!!!) :)July 10, 2011 – 6:41 pm

Dana Thank you!

I “liked” UPrinting on Facebook. I’m getting married this year and if I won, I would have my wedding photo printed on the canvas!July 8, 2011 – 1:56 pm

Samantha Workman I “liked” it and I would definitely choose one of my ARDEN PRUCHA photos to have printed :)July 8, 2011 – 10:43 am

Billy I ‘liked’ uprinting on FB
I just had baby #5 so I would print a picture of all 5 of my little ones <3July 7, 2011 – 8:27 pm

Karilee I “liked” UPrinting on Facebook and if I could hope to be the lucky winner…oh, I’d have a picture of my delicious family made for our family room that I’ve recently redecorated.
Thanks Arden, for a fun giveaway!July 7, 2011 – 5:01 pm

Sally @ A Blessed Existence My husband and I didn’t have an actual engagement or a real wedding (we eloped) so during a recent family photo session we took a few pictures just the two of us. I would LOVE to have one of them printed to a canvas.July 7, 2011 – 1:46 pm

DebbieSmith I Liked UPrinting on FB. Hmmm not sure which image I would use, but it would be of my kids or maybe do a New one of the whole fam!July 7, 2011 – 1:27 pm

Tiffani I “liked” Uprinting! And I would have to set up my camera and get a family shot of all 5 of us to be printed on it since it’s been a very long time since our last family photo.July 7, 2011 – 12:50 pm

Kyla Coots I would love to print a new family photo to hang in my living room!! I “liked” them on FB :)

Great contest Arden!!July 7, 2011 – 12:15 pm

Jill O’Bryant Oh, how I would love to win this. If I did, I would print a family shot from our recent beach trip. By the way, I would have “liked” UPrinting on facebook, however I’m one of those weird ones who doesn’t have a facebook account. I hope I can enter the contest anyway.July 7, 2011 – 10:58 am

Kristi Stone I have liked UPrinting on FB… and if I were the lucky winner I would have a photo of my family printed so I can display it in our new home.July 7, 2011 – 10:44 am

Emily Felker I liked on FB. If I won, I would want a picture of my daughter, Lola, from my spring photo shoot with Arden!July 7, 2011 – 10:17 am

rebecca collins Just liked Uprinting on facebook. I would have one of the pictures I took from San Francisco printed.July 7, 2011 – 10:11 am

Life with Kaishon Get out of the city Arden : ) This is such a nice giveaway! I think I would like to get a picture of Naji done. I have so many of Kaish and I think Naji feels a little bad about it.July 7, 2011 – 10:07 am

Kelly Clinard Morning!
I liked UPrinting on Facebook. If I were to win this I would choose a photo that has yet to be taken! My brother, who lives out of state, is bringing his new bride and step daughter ‘home’ for the first time in a few days. We are planning a huge family photo and that is what I’d use.July 7, 2011 – 10:05 am

Gretchen Robards p.s. I “liked” the UPrinting page on FB. Thanks!July 7, 2011 – 10:02 am

Gretchen Robards I have a picture of my parents that I would love to have on this rolled canvas. In two weeks, they will have been married for 24 years and I would love to give them a beautiful picture on a unique frame. I can’t ever try to make up for all the good things they have done for me and my two siblings, but I want them to be able to celebrate their love by seeing it displayed in our home through this canvas!July 7, 2011 – 10:01 am

Heather Belcher I “liked” UPrinting on FB and I would have my lil family printed! :) What an awesome giveaway!July 7, 2011 – 9:53 am

Gift Certificate Winner!

The winner of the $20 Gift Certificate for the adorable store WEE FASHION is…. MICHELE!!! ALSO because it’s Christmas I want to throw in $10 so that you can get the stork pouch without paying a cent! Email me for prize info!  arden @ Merry Christmas Y’all!

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Michele No way is that me? Yeah! Merry Christmas!!!!!December 25, 2010 – 1:39 pm

Wee Fashion Giveaway

Well, it’s almost Christmas and Wee Fashion has been so generous to share a $20 gift certificate to her store. I have a few of her newborn props that I have used in my shoots. It’s so fun utilizing these beautiful handmade goodies for extra sweet photos or to accessorize your precious babe. To enter, […]

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sandy shively stork pouch. or whatever the kids pick out.December 24, 2010 – 9:46 pm

Arminda Dozier I requested her friendship and I am already your fan!December 23, 2010 – 7:13 pm

Arminda Dozier I would definitely buy a fuzzy stork pouch! so cute!December 23, 2010 – 7:12 pm

Michele I friend requested and I think I’m already a fan of yours.December 23, 2010 – 6:46 pm

Michele I need one of the stork pouches!December 23, 2010 – 6:42 pm

April Bridges I LOVE the Fuzzy Newborn Stork Pouch in Planet Earth. Great colors!December 23, 2010 – 6:12 pm

Susan Fowler Friend requested her on FB!December 23, 2010 – 5:42 pm

Susan Fowler I’m in love with the Winter Wonderland Hat!December 23, 2010 – 5:41 pm

Blair Van Bussel Annnnddd of course I already had you as a friend, and added her! :)December 23, 2010 – 5:37 pm

Blair Van Bussel I would LOVE the new born stork pouch!!! (probably in cream)December 23, 2010 – 5:37 pm

Jen Parker I requested her as a friend on Facebook, and I’m already a fan of yours!December 23, 2010 – 4:26 pm

Jen Parker I’m eyeing the Newborn Stork Pouch!December 23, 2010 – 3:30 pm

Deirdre Checked out Laura’s etsy page! I’d love to use the gift certificate for Newborn Stork Pouch – Wooly RosebudDecember 23, 2010 – 1:40 pm

Deirdre I friend requested Laura on FB and Like your page! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!December 23, 2010 – 1:40 pm

Lori McCarty I sent Laura a FB friend invite and sent her a message since I could not leave a post on the wall! Giving some love to Laura because her Etsy items ROCK! ;oDDecember 23, 2010 – 1:29 pm

Lori McCarty I looked at the Etsy site…SO cute!!! With $20, I would either put it towards a stork pouch or I’d get one of the Winterwonderland Hats! Those are my two favorite items!!December 23, 2010 – 1:27 pm

Kara Janelle I added Laura as a friend on facebook and will post on her wall as soon as she accepts the add! :)December 23, 2010 – 11:18 am

Kara Janelle If I won, I would purchase the Winter Wonderland hat in Sugar Plum along with the Crystal Flower Clip Assortment! :)

(Oh, and I’m already a fan of yourss on facebook Arden!) <3

Thanks for the giveaway!!December 23, 2010 – 11:16 am

Wendy Carrillo Oh my Arden these pictures are too cute!! I loved Lauren’s Esty Shop, I would so buy a stork pouch & winter hat for my new niece that will be here soon!! TOO CUTE!December 23, 2010 – 9:59 am

Nikki T Whoever wins this is going to be one lucky person!!! LOVE IT!!December 23, 2010 – 9:56 am

Heather I would either get the hat or the stork pouch, they are both so cute.December 23, 2010 – 9:51 am

Heather I fried requested her on fb, already your fan. 😀December 23, 2010 – 9:50 am

amanda onstott friend requested on fb & am already a fan of yours :)December 23, 2010 – 9:48 am

amanda onstott i would use it towards a storkpouch! so cute!December 23, 2010 – 9:47 am


Tis the season – to give the most AWESOME gift E.V.E.R. Personal.Custom.Gorgeous.Fun.YOU. A portrait session with MOI! A gift that truly keeps on giving. The more you buy, the bigger the deal. Perfect For: newlyweds, parents to be, newly engaged couple, a family, a beautiful duo, grandparents, a graduate… AND give one to yourself 😉 […]

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