C+J: (E)ngaged

I received an email from Chelsea a couple of months ago.  She and her fiance Joey, live up in Washington, but they are getting married here in the Fort!

She mentioned that I knew her mother, as I was wracking my brain I realized DUH I used to teach with her mom.

How lovely to be recommended by a former co-worker.  Thanks Judy!

I met up with them one afternoon to chat about their wedding, to see if we were a good fit.

And… voila we were!  They are funny and very cool.  I got to know them at Starbucks.  They are both pretty chill people.  Which is always nice:)

Chelsea met Joey in Vegas, while she was there with her parents on a family trip.

Joey, is rather good at Poker!  It was love at first bet 😉

She stayed in Vegas for a bit longer than her family, because she really was interested in J and wanted to get to know him more.

Well it’s a good thing she did, the cards aligned and here they are – engaged and happy.

I really had a fun time shooting them.  They were easy going, fun, beautiful and in love.

This session was a little different, I didn’t really scout locations much.  I just wanted to take them Downtown and go from there.

Kind of capture what I see, what beauty we stumble upon.

I love urban shoots and if you have read much you know I love lines too.

There are plenty of lines, texture, color, and most importantly a ton of LOVE!!!

*Let me also mention that this was on JANUARY 6th, notice the T-Shirts, sometimes I LOVE TEXAS… Thank you bi-polar winter weather.

Thanks Chelsea and Joey, looking forward to your BIG DAY!

Favorite?  I think so!They are funny, I love the movement.Another Favorite ♥ Hello Gorgeous Couple!Who would have thought a stairwell in a parking garage would be so beautiful… love ♥CANVAS in your home!!!OOOOOOHWEEEEEE… hello Chels!So when we met I told them “WE HAVE TO INCORPORATE CARDS!” Since J plays poker and they met in Vegas.

I think Joey thought I was being silly, but seriously I envisioned them lying on a quilt with cards spread out everywhere.

(UM CHECK OUT HE QUILT HER MOM SENT WITH THEM, PERFECT!)HERE… is what I envisioned and I think it’s absolutely PERFECT, gorgeous, and totally fits THEM!

I rarely have those thoughts and so happy to pull this off… thank you for trusting me.:)

This last image, reminds me of how you two will be joint – together – forever – as husband and wife.

Hold hands, love a lot, and never ever let go!


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Justin Sever I love you both Joe & Chelsea
From Your Not So Little, Little Cousin JustinMarch 1, 2011 – 7:49 pm

mary you have this insane ability to make EVERY PERSON look like a model, yet still have this playfulness and warmth and love. i love your work, truly. these are beautiful.January 26, 2011 – 2:53 pm

Sharron Lucky Dear Arden: I’m your 2nd cousin, living in Dallas and love your photography. Your Mom is a “friend” on FB, so I mostly see it there, but checked you out here. I fantasize @ coming to Fort Worth sometime and having you shoot Hubby & Me. We are coming up on our 49th anniversary. Also, at the above Website and on Dallas Professional Book Reviewers Ass’n on FB — I have publicity photos that I post, as well as a brochure I distribute every year. Keep posting your work, and maybe we can come see you next time we need photos. I haven’t seen your parents since they were newlyweds!January 26, 2011 – 8:04 am

Judy Murphy Oh,my goodness. They are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. My heart is bursting with pride. I have the most gorgeous children on the planet. Arden, you are absolutely amazing. Thanks so much.January 25, 2011 – 6:57 pm

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