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I am diving into weddings this year and am fairly new doing them as the lead shooter.   Weddings are HARD work for anyone involved, but are beautiful, fun, and truly precious moments!.  I have been a ‘second shooter’ for who knows how many weddings with my dear friend and practically mentor Heather Essian.  I have shot 3 weddings now and have 5 more this year (so far) – I am so thrilled!  This is probably not considered a lot in the eyes of prime time photogs out there, but I am plenty happy doing things slowly… this will allow me to be a better business person, editor, and photographer – especially while getting my business underway! (I just read where this photog couple shot 45 in one year… HOLY MOLY)

The biggest decision of the wedding day… whether or not to do a ‘first look’ on the big day.  This means that the Bride and Groom will see one another prior to the ceremony.  Did I just hear a gasp?  Okay okay so tradition says… if the groom sees his bride before then it is bad luck.  C’mon, do you really think your marriage will be doomed because of this ‘non traditional thing?’  NAH!!!  I cannot even tell you how much I adore this NEW TRADITION!   Here are some reasons why I think it is a fab idea:

1. With all of the wedding day hustle and bustle if you wait until you walk down the aisle to see your guy, it will all be a blur!  Meeting prior to, gives both Bride and Groom some private time to love on one another, talk, laugh, cry, pray, and relax TOGETHER!  – Woohoo I like that word.

2. Your photos will be more GORGEOUS… instead of squeezing them in between the ceremony and reception (along with a gazillion other family formals) you will be captured with more ease, time, and emotion… and I (or other photographers) will be able to have more creative juices flowin’.  Also,  you won’t be freaked out about getting to the reception ASAP and your guests won’t be looking at their watch thinking “Where in the heck are they?”

3. A lot of gals want that ‘Groom Expression’ caught on camera… now, The Groom’s (and Bride’s!) heart is probably pouding a trillion beats/sec, there are a ton of people watching, the Bride is walking down the aisle… does he cry, laugh, smile, faint?  It’s like being on stage!  I am not saying he is going to run from the alter, this is an amazing, wonderful, and BIG moment in time and nerves are shaking for both the Bride and Groom.  (I have several photos of me breathing so deep approaching Paul… apparently I became the nervous one on our Big Day… and he well, he was as cool as a cucumber)

4. If your ceremony is outside and you are getting married at sunset… the photos afterward will have ‘flash’ written all over it.  Save that flash time for the reception and for some artistic ‘newlywed’ shots in that dim lighting.

5. YOU get to make up your own rules. If f you want to wait… it is completely respected.  If you want to scratch out a bunch of time prior to and have those WOW moments WITH your soon to be then, in Texas language, get’er done!

6. Do what fits YOUR love style.  I really adore being with Paul and wanted to share that time with him during these celebrations… being together on our wedding day (and during the romantic prenup session) made me feel better and more excited than being without him.   To me it’s not “our wedding let’s be seperated for most of the day,” it’s OUR OUR OUR DAY… C’Mere Babe and hang with your soon to be MRS. Before we get seperated by guests, planners, family, and then AH it’s time to leave!

Paul and I chose to do our ‘First Look’ two weeks before the wedding day.  We were married at our friend’s beautiful home and knew that we wouldn’t have the time or surroundings to get the romantics we truly wanted.  He waited, back turned to me, while I approached all dolled up in wedding gear!   That was our first moment… knowing the new journey we were approaching.  Pierson met up with us in his outfit and we have the most BEAUTIFUL canvas of the three of us lying in a field… we coulnd’t have achieved that on our wedding day.

One of my brides decided to do the same thing!  I cannot wait until their prenup session in March!!!

p.s. I have yet to see a bride regret their decision… I have however heard brides regret not doing it and guests upset because the bride and groom took so long to get to their reception… due to photos:)

Just a thought:)

If you HAVE anything to add I would LOVE to hear… comment below:)

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Krista Well, I never thought I would be so behind on the wedding day that I almost wasn’t ready in time for the ceremony!! But just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for everything and I just LOVE this pic!! Can’t wait to see them all!! Love you!February 19, 2010 – 12:08 pm

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