Easter 2011

When I was younger I made a lot of poor decisions.

I was selfish, ignorant, never thought about consequences and was acting out…

I hurt a lot of people, I got hurt a lot, I was a mess.


I used to talk to God about getting things I deserved… a good man, blessings and gifts.

I knew my heart had good intentions, so apparently I believed I deserved all of this ‘stuff.’

Looking back, I realize that I didn’t deserve anything good, I mean none of us ‘deserve’ gifts from God.

However, I will say that once I got on a righteous path, quit doing stupid things and started really focusing on my good heart…

I started noticing all of the blessings I was receiving and was so grateful.


When I had my son I began going to church for the FIRST TIME ever.

I was 22 and single.

It was scary, but I knew a couple of people at this church.

I felt uncomfortable, I had NO IDEA how to worship… nor did I have a connection with it.

I was diving in head first, pulled there for reasons I later figured out.

One day at this church I remember worshiping and finally ‘getting it.’

Tears entered my eyes and I felt the love I had for God and He of me.

Since then, my relationship has blossomed and my gifts have multiplied.

I firmly believe that this growth with God has provided me with a more beautiful life.

I am so thankful for the sacrifice our God gave, so that we can live… sinful at times, but still happy and in love with Him.

I don’t think I would be with my husband, had I not stepped on this path.


Happy Easter, may you be as blessed and as content as I am.

These are all images from today… my little Easter Lovelies!

That smart Easter Bunny, brought her a baby doll.

Looks like Parx will have a baby to practice with before real one arrives!At my Mom and Dad’s home… my beautiful niece and son.She’s just a natural.Love their skin tones…
Parx realized that she LOVED Violet’s hair, sweet V just let her touch.Mr. Mallon, our dear sweetie boy.

(who whacked my mom with that garden tool just after this, we call him ‘BamBam.’)3 weeks apart, our sweetie pies!My sister and brother-in-law…

She made a killer frozen concoction!MyP and Me… being playful, silly and obnoxious.

“PROM POSIN’ IT”Oo.Bubbles.oOSplash…

she loathes it

he loves itYou aren’t a GIRL from Texas if you can’t ride a John Deere in a dress with some bling and then stand on it like you are the QUEEN of tractors!

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Samantha Workman Parx on the tractor = hilarious! LOL! Love it!!April 28, 2011 – 4:51 pm

Stephanie Labonne Arden, I so get what you are talking about when tears roll down your face durring worship! I cry EVERY Sunday… It’s like I feel his embrace! It the most amazing feeling in the world!!! Its amazing how God lets bad thing happen in your life to lead you back to him! What a wonderful journey!April 24, 2011 – 8:00 pm

darlena arden, your testimony touched me so much…just wanted you to know :) and of course, BEAUTIFUL photos!!!!April 24, 2011 – 7:18 pm

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