GWAVES – Owh Owh!

Well, I had an AMAZING shoot yesterday with Goldwaves Salon! They are entering a nation wide contest through Oribe salons and hair care, recreating an Italian VOGUE cover. This is just a preview of all of the girls – wowee zowee can you feel the sultry vibe? They had two Oribe stylists fly in from NYC and Miami to show the stylists how to make “the look.” This shoot was major fun and the girls really rocked it – how intimidating to have a bunch of people watching you pose like Linda Evangelista. More to come soon.


This was also the craziest shoot too because when I got home to download the photos the computer froze up and the CF card was corrupted! I had a crazy 24 hours working with FW Camera recovery nearly every single image from the shoot – this was such a helpless and sad situation. Thanks to the big MAN upstairs for hooking me up with yet another ‘thankful’ moment.

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