Just a wee bird

When we were in St. Francisville the sweet little Hummingbirds were fluttering around.

I wanted to try to snag some photos of these wee little birdies.

I did not have my nice 70-200mm  zoom lens to be able to stand back and get great close ups.

I had my 85mm 1.2, which is NOT easy to get shots like these, because of the lack of zoom capability and the wide aperture.

So I narrowed the aperture a bit, kept the Shutter at a reasonable speed, and stood as close as I could without disrupting their feeding.

My settings:

ISO 320, SS 1/640, f-2.8

In the photo below there are THREE Hummingbirds.

The two on the right are fighting over the feeder.

Crazy little birdies!Why thank you for looking so perfect Miss H. Bird.

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Yvonne Sperrin amazing photos!October 2, 2011 – 1:53 pm

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