Katherine+Aaron Peek

Look at these two – Katherine and Aaron are simply gorgeous.

This wedding was TOO COOL!  Keep an eye out for the full post…

I know some people are against “First Looks” prior to the ceremony, but check out this adorable and super special moment!  Private, adorable, sweet, joyful, and LOVELOVELOVE

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Emily Tate I am a huge fan of “First Looks” at weddings. I used to work with a videographer and we always recommended them. It really lets the couple get to share a special moment they’ll always remember before the whirlwind of activity sets in and everything becomes a blur. It also allows you to do 99% of the pictures before the ceremony so the reception can get started faster!

Not that I need to convince you….. :)April 26, 2010 – 12:07 pm

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