Meet KS Rhoads… he is a KILLER musician who lives in Nashville.  My husband, Paul, met him years ago here in Fort Worth.  KS had come to Fort Worth to attend TCU and was playing shows around town.   Paul and Kevin (KS) toured together in a band called Jay Quinn opening up for The Samples and Blue October several years ago.  Kevin is one of my favorite musicians ever!  He can spit off a lyrical rap in an instant, play tons of instruments, sing up a storm, produce albums, and write ridiculous melodies.  You will find his song on my website and his other songs here or purchase them ALL:)on ITUNES.   Not only is he super creative, but he is hilarious, witty, cool, crazy and wonderfully unique.

Enjoy KS Rhoads, his charm, his vintage threads, and his free spirit, oh and please please please check out his tunes!
This is a video I captured on my amazing 5d Markii of KS beatboxin at The Modern. Does he rock? Heck yeah he does!

KS RHOADS from Arden Prucha Jenkins on Vimeo.

Sweet Avery peeking at us.

One of my favorites!

And Ending with my favorite Vid – Up close and personal… more freestylin:

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Heather Essian awesome work Arden! Love them all!April 2, 2010 – 9:37 am

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