Lucky Girl…

I woke up this morning and heard the front door beeping, the coffee pot brewing, the pots and pans banging. Well, it’s my 28th birthday today and I knew Paul was up to something. You see, my husband doesn’t cook – ever! He surprised me with delicious scrambled eggs (with turkey and cheese), everything bagels, coffee and a touch of his good heart and sweet spirit. He also planned a prenatal massage, facial, and lunch at our awesome Modern Museum this morning.  Could I get any more pampered?

I am very thankful for another year of life and another year to live. I pray that this 28th year of life is just as blessed as the last. I have nothing to complain about and had such an amazing year as “27.” I am a very lucky girl who has been given wonderful friends, family, talents, and soon to be baby Parker! God has blessed us more than we could ever desire. I am thankful for him as well as all of the other amazing people in my life. I am not sure how we can top this past year… but I am sure life can only get more lovely.

It is definitely a Happy 28th to me!bday

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linda jenkins Happy Birthday Dearest Arden! You are a young and beautiful 28
year old woman and mother to be again.

What a wonderful Birthday Morning! How lucky you all are to have each other. I am sure Parker could feel and hear all of the love and fun. I loved the picture of you and Pierson – so sweet. Paul’s love is shining bright for you!

Forgive me for not calling you on your birthday. On Thursday I thought it was going to be your birthday soon and could not find the date written in my address book – I was going to ask Paul and then forgot. We can all sing Happy Birthday next week to you. Love and a big birthday hug, LindaSeptember 19, 2009 – 5:10 pm

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