Mallon is TWO

Two years ago, and a few days I was texting back and forth to my dad.

My sister and her family had THE COURT DATE, where they were trying to gain custody of Mallon.

They WON!

A few days later, he turned ONE!

Well, a year later and another adoption down… our sweet Mallon is TWO today.

I just want to give a shout out to this sweet little man, who came into our life at 3 days old.

A sweet soul, who says ‘day-du’ (thank you) all of the time and gives big wet kisses and hugs.

(he is such the opposite of my stand-offish and impolite Parx)

Mallon will cry if he knows he hurt you or upsets someone, such a pleaser and soft heart.

His favorite saying right now, “TOP IT!” (stop it)

Favorite Past Times: Hanging out with Elmo, Playing instruments and lovin on his family.

He knows exactly what he likes and wants, saying yes or no to all types of foods.

A precious face, with big dark eyes that will melt your heart… especially when he bats those lashes.

Happy Happy BIRTHDAY Mallon… We LOVE YOU so much.

The wind was so lovely.Love this series below:

1. Mallon happy with Parker’s pinwheel – while Parker is holding Mallon’s Elmo, complete with blankie, wipes and diaper, but noticing that Mallon has her pinwheel.

2. Parker snagged the pinwheel and is giving it to Elmo, but look at sweet Mallon. Poor little fella is sad!

3. Auntie Arden, HELP ME  – he says in those big’ole eyes.

(So, I give them back to him and Parx throws a SCREAMING FIT… enough of a fit that Mallon told his ‘Mama’ when he got home,”Parker, Elmo, WA WA WA WA she CY-ING!”)Little Bill.

Our kiddos LOVE this show.He is a kisser.

She is not.

They smooched!

(and Parx kisses with tongue, sheesh)One of my favorites!!!

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Life with Kaishon He is so sweet. I am happy you get to be his Aunt : )
Those eyes are killer!October 9, 2011 – 12:40 pm

Nikki T Arden, THANK YOU for this surprise blog about our baby boy! (Yes I am still calling him a baby!) I love how you captured the personalities of each of them. I love how they have and love each other! Parxy is next!October 8, 2011 – 12:27 pm

Karin Congratulations to all of you! :) As an adoptive mom of 10, adoption is close to my heart. I always feel a little squeal of excitement when I read another family’s story of adoption. :) Beautiful photos! My youngest has dark eyes like that and I LOVE getting shots of them. :)October 8, 2011 – 7:59 am

Amy M. Love this post Arden. Beautiful kids and such a sweet loving bond those two will have as they get older! Cousin besties!October 7, 2011 – 2:30 pm

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