Mewwy Chwistmas!

It’s nearly 2pm and Pierson is gone -he is at his dad’s, Parx is napping, and Paul is in cleaning mode.

I am sitting here so thankful for my sweet and precious family – who really make me smile and laugh… a lot!

Santa brought the Pkids a fort/swingset, a karaoke machine (rut-roh), along with some other little goodies and they are thrilled.

Paul bought himself two pair of boots a couple of weeks ago – so I only gave him a robe and a photo book of our pre-nup session images!

He surprised me with an iPad!!! He wins, I lose – and get ‘lamest Christmas gift giver in the house award.’

Robe or iPad?

I think I scored, thanks hon!!!

I wanted to post our family Christmas card session taken by my BEST Heather Essian… who endured two bratty kids, an uncommited husband, and a grumpy ME.

When my kids don’t cooperate during photos – gosh it makes me want to scream and pull out the belt!

Pierson was CRYING, Parx was screaming and sticking her tongue out in 99% of the images (what’s new)!

C’mon, really?  So we decided posing was o.u.t.

We went for some candid shots, which really is more us anyway.

We also opted to take photos at our home, it’s pretty and simple and provided a decent backdrop,

plus we didn’t have to tote the kiddos around anywhere!

Enjoy these of my beautiful, cranky, and fun family.

Thanks Heather, you rocked and were quite patient with us!

(p.s. all artistic edits were done by ME,  Heather may not want her name on the editing 😉  )

I created an action that I named ‘Faded Winter’ that I LOVED on these, it’s a deep contrast – while slightly desaturating the colors, but still giving a POP to the images)

Parx, screaming:

Pboys, blinking (this is when Pierce began crying ‘It’s too bright!’ and opted to NOT be in any photos, I threatened Christmas to keep him in these)Ooooh not too bad 😉We had to kick the kids out, to give them air and get them smiling again…

The Jenkins:
Oh my heart, I love him… I do!One of my favorites… a sweet moment.
Oh Parx, c’mon!She stopped crying… I wonder why?Love the center image!  The epitome of our children:Now… Here is our Christmas Card I created!

The front:
The center spread:The back:MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

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Jo Ok, I already knew you’re a great photographer, but I didn’t know you had such a photogenic family! Your kids are such cuties and the shoot’s awesome! I love the pics, Heather made a great job! And so now, I guess I’m looking fwd to see more;-)January 6, 2011 – 5:30 am

Pam D Arden, these are wonderful! What a beautiful family; Heather captured you all so well! I love the editing/actions, and I know that YOU had a wonderful time editing because a) the photog gave you such great shots to work with, and b) hello, do you LOVE these people or WHAT? My fav editing is on pics of my own family… I know every CELL practically and love seeing what I can do with the photos. Merry Christmas, friend… I look forward to what the New Year brings!December 25, 2010 – 3:29 pm

Emma Arden… the family shots are classic… I think that my favourite is where Parx is laughing at you…

Considering the fact that you say they were not having a very co-operative day, I think Heather got some great shots!!! I love the card by the way!

The kids were obviously confused as to why mum was in the shots with them (vs sticking that big black thing in their face) LOL!December 25, 2010 – 2:58 pm

Elisabeth Carol These are adorable Arden!! L.O.V.E the action!!December 25, 2010 – 2:45 pm

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