Moved and Settled!

I just wanted to write a quick post about this week.  We began, last Saturday, moving into our sweet new pad!  Paul has really really been working his tail off to get our home ready for baby Parker Lane to arrive.  A little background: We were living in a 3 story, two bedroom, townhome – with no yard, a dog, and a baby on the way.  Paul had a rental in one of my favorite FW neighborhoods so we gutted it and revamped it with a very contemporary feel within a 3 month period!  We moved in sans hot water, washer dryer, sofa, dining table, internet, uverse, etc.  It has been a crazy week, but without all of those things to “occupy” my mind I have been able to unpack more easily and “semi-quickly!”  I also, this week, managed to spill an entire cup of coffee inside my laptop and had to get that backed up along with shipping it off to get a new one – amen BEST BUY for providing my MACBOOK PRO with accidental insurance (I am nearly positive that the apple store doesn’t offer that coverage).  Without that insurance purchase I would have been buying a brand new laptop for a hefty price tag!  So, things have been busy and I have been editing and working throughout this week as well, but was unable to log onto here.  We will be induced on Tuesday the 27th with a “water breaking.”  Next week will be quite busy too – OH MY A BRAND NEW BABY IN THE HOME!  We are extremely excited and have been so thankful for all of the kind words, support, and great people in our lives.

I will post some photos once we get more settled in and I have my other photos up and running!

Here is a semi-recent photo of my baby bump – images taken with an iphone and a point and shoot camera.  Parker is literally like a big ole’basket ball on my similar to pre-pregnancy frame.  She also loves to kick me on certain nerves that make me nearly drop to my knees, but I love her little squirming around.  Helps me know how real and human she is.  Paul thinks she will be blonde like me and I think she will carry his Cuban characteristics – we shall see!  Enjoy the beautiful weather – thank you rain for going away today!pregcollage

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