Nie Nie

Last night Paul and I were hanging out in bed.  I was editing photos and looking at my Google Reader.  I came across a blog GR was recommending to me and I recognized the name ‘Nie Nie.’  I thought HOW in the heck does this blog have 30k!!! followers?  Then it hit me, I know why the name is familiar, I had heard it on the news a couple of years ago.  Stephanie Nielson was an avid blogger, she started it in ’05 blogging about life and her four children and then in ’08 tragedy struck.  Stephanie and her husband went to fly one weekend,  when their plane crashed.  She was in a coma for 3 months and burned over 80% of her body.  Her husband was burned as well, but not as badly as she was.  Paul and I sat there watching this video for the entire 8 minutes.  The reality of things like this awakens my heart… to live each day, love each day, and understand the deep roots of our relations, purpose, and passion.  I admire Stephanie and her husband for standing true to their faith, not giving up, and loving immensely. I am not sure if I would be so successful. She is raw, deeply honest, changed, pained, but is so thankful she is able to spend each day with her husband and children – she is still here; to raise her children well, love them well, and teach them well.  Kudos to The Nielsons.

This video should touch your heart, your mind, and perhaps your soul.

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