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  • HI! I am Arden Prucha Jenkins - a photographer located in Fort Worth, Texas! I specialize in portraiture and more recently weddings! Please take a look around and get to know my work, my style, my life, and me.

    How did I get into photography? Well, everyone has their story right? Looking back I realize that the little photog was in me all along, without even knowing it! I picked up a camera when I was around 8 and started snapping photos - I even posed my neighbors, animals, and Barbies for photos (seriously I made a Barbie wedding and photographed the entire thing). 

    Who am I? Well, I was a teacher for three years, but was able to leave that job to focus on photography and my two beautiful children!  I married a man who I am totally smitten over and he is crazy supportive of me.  I am a bargain shopper with expensive taste.  God allows me to trust this world with less fear and more hope and trust.  Music makes my heart flutter - so thankfully I married a very talented musician. I wish I could carry a tune, but unfortunately I cannot. My favorite month is October (dreamy light) and I miss my convertible - oh the beautiful wind .  When I was little I was amazingly or perhaps annoyingly hyper - and ate more food than all of the boys and was faster than most of them too.  I was a dancer and I love to write and converse.  When I am around people I get more energy and become alive. The differences between women and men intrigue me and kiddos make my heart melt. Photos... well, they fill my heart.

    Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoy what you see.

    If you have any questions or feedback please share with me:

M Family: Peek

I just adored this family.

I wanted to eat sweet baby A.

Literally, one sweet nibble at a time.

So thankful to capture meaningful moments in families.

Congrats to the M.Family – on your perfect blessing from God.


Amy M. What a gorgeous family and that baby is so darn precious! Love 😉December 8, 2011 – 9:20 am

Wright Family 2011: Peek

I am amazingly grateful for repeat clients.

I first met this family when Finley was a few days old!

She has gotten so big and just precious.

Now, they are expecting number TWO!

I cannot wait to meet this new tiny babe in the spring.

What a beautiful family with two very good dogs.:)

Amy M. BEAUTIFUL!! Arden your color is amazing…it’s one of the number one things that draws me to your work. I’m in awe of the beautiful, crisp color. Adorable family – I can see why they’re repeat clients, Prucha rocks it! 😉December 5, 2011 – 10:35 am

When it rains…

Once again caught trying to complete a bunch of work.

Neglecting my children has been an everyday problem.

While it’s getting ugly here in Texas, it brings me a little more family time – less shooting, postponing sessions and more snuggle time.

My two bigger babes were playing trains, so I whipped out my camera and snapped a few candids.

It’s the little things that release my stress and make me smile.

Life with Kaishon I am so glad you could get some snuggle time in! You have been crazy busy this fall. HOLY MOLEY ; )

I can’t keep up with blogging when I have more than 2 shoots a week. I just get so overwhelmed and I stop everything.

I am glad you could shoot your babies. : ) You are a great mom.December 4, 2011 – 9:32 pm

Hayley Candids usually end up being my favorites of my girlies! Quick question…Did you use your flash here??December 4, 2011 – 1:39 pm

Katie I loved this!!! If i ever have children someday I want to document it just like this.. I do it for everybody else. It’s awesome to see photographers post their own family’s.. I’m your biggest fan :)December 4, 2011 – 12:45 pm

Garrison Family: Peek

All in town for the holidays.

Thankful to capture families… love… romance… adoration… and beautiful souls!

Life with Kaishon Another beautiful family! LOVE this! You rocked it out!December 1, 2011 – 5:51 pm

Griffith Family: Peek

Love ALL of the Autumn colors in this beautiful family session!

Life with Kaishon Stop the truck! So lovely! : )December 1, 2011 – 5:52 pm