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Last night the fam and I went out to shoot a few photos of us.  We TOTALLY had a TRIPOD taking our photos.  I loved it, but after our little family session I said – WE ARE HIRING A PHOTOGRAPHER (get ready Heather Essian)!  Neither one of the boys wanted to take photos, duh!  The first 20 minutes were great, but then Pierson wanted to play, Paul wanted to go home, and Parx wanted to be held.  So this is why you should always HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER!  Who is going to wine and complain to someone else?

BUT I wanted some pictures with my love.  Now, I have trained Pierson well with my, ridiculously expensive shouldn’t be in the hands of a six year old, camera:)

It works like this: I pose Paul, check and adjust the camera settings (MANUAL MODE!), move the spot meter for our faces, and voila.  I then hand the camera over, tell Pierson how to shoot (vertical or horizontal), run over, pose with Paul and BAM!  While Pierson keeps shooting, we adjust, interact, change our bodies for variety, giggle, kiss, and Paul feels awkward. Then I show him this photo and he loves it – feeling awkward doesn’t mean it’s ugly!  Look at how good Pierson did.  Notice the connection with our bods, the hands on one another, the close proximity.  I love this image, it’s so sweet, simple, and intimate. :)  My son rocks!

  • In post processing I was able to crop in tight. – which allows you to focus on us.
  • I also cloned out lots of grass, lint, and loose hairs on my back. Um, totally cloned out some bags too 😉 shhhh. (I have awful bags under my eyes)
  • I converted the image to BW, added a gray fill layer on a very low opacity, duplicated the layer and set it on soft light with a med-low opacity, sharpened using unsharp mask, added gaussian blur to soften our skin and overall look, and finally a levels adjustment.

*I will post some of the beautiful images the tripod captured later:)

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SARA Awesome job little P man! Y’all are to cute!August 27, 2010 – 10:21 am

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