Sommer and Chase (E)

I am super pumped about shooting their outdoor sunset wedding in June!  I met Sommer years and years ago in high school and she met Chase through mutual friends.  We ran around like CRAZY on this session.  Once we got to the midway things were a bit different.  We met some not so nice Carnies (no pictures here arrrrr) and some extraordinarily nice ones (sure bring your camera on the swings that go 40mph)… the Fun House Gentleman even stopped the moving parts for us to take photographs.  Enjoy this love between S+C… (for a bigger peek click the photo and vavavavoom)

Oh these doors!

Loved this building and spiral stair.  They look so teeny tiny.

Helllloooo Sommer – owh owh!

I had this idea for the cool wheat stalk to wear her ring:)

They were troopers!

I cannot even tell you how sick we all got on this ride.  There is something about: adulthood + rides = barfarama


Love me some reflections!

Their looks are sultry…

See you in June… ♪dum dum dum dummm♬

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Teresa Dibrell So glad my girls found you. I love Chase and Sommer’s engagement and Dean’s 1st birthday pictures. Can’t wait to see the how you capture their wedding. Thank you Arden.March 8, 2010 – 11:17 am

Heather Essian so cute! Love the fair photos :)February 25, 2010 – 6:14 pm

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