I am in Texas, it’s hot – very very hot, already.

The low this week during the day is 98, only because of cloud cover.

I skipped out on a lot of weddings in June-September because I didn’t want to be too pregnant to shoot.

I didn’t want to put myself in an ‘uh oh’ position with a bride and groom.

Being safe is better than being sorry, right?


I am not shooting much right now, but have some editing to finish up and some sessions to blog and share.

I don’t want my blog to get slow, however I don’t want to post too much ‘me’ stuff or my this, my that, my kids, my ______ blah blah blah.

This is an interesting transition time for the business.  I am slowing down in my final weeks before being a mother of three.

It is summer which is traditionally slow, plus I am only in my third summer season at ‘Arden Prucha Photography.’


My desire is to write more on here, that would be fulfilling to readers – so my question is:

What would you want to read and see?

I have had some gals on my FB tell me that I should share “my story.”

A story of being a younger single mama, transitioning into real adulthood and turning it all into a passionate life.

Could be too personal, I don’t know?

Anyway would LOVE to hear some thoughts on things to post from my perspective, or others?… editing, projects, Q+A, before/after, locations, how to _____, etc.

So please leave me some ‘shu-ghestions’ in the comment section!



Just wanted to update the blog, update people who read and pop by to view some pretty pictures.

I will post photos, I need to go out and take photos of ‘things, life, landscapes, objects, etc.’ While I don’t have much on the books.

Time to really practice on my eye – viewing things in a different light, a different perspective, take off typical ‘Arden’ eyes and really pull out an artist.’



I am leaving you now with a peek at my beautiful friend Sara who is just three weeks behind me!

Her first, sweet baby boy!  I cannot wait for our kiddos to play together.


Thank you Sara for enduring the heat for me to snap away at your beautiful, glowing, self.

I am so very happy for you and Todd.

May your family be showered with blessings, love and peace!!!

We love to be so serious.

Reminiscing about our days at a Latin Salsa Bar, where we would ‘shoot the deuce.’

Hoping we are still as cute as we once felt, back in the day!My beautiful sister, who took many photos of ME this evening along with the photos of Sara and Me.

I will share the solo ones soon:)

I love you Babo!



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Jen Benz Ahh! I love these! So mad at Sara for not sending me the link! lol. I LOVE the first pic. She looks like her sassy self. :)November 16, 2011 – 8:08 pm

Erin I’d love to see you experiment with abstract shots of people, places, landscapes. You have such a wonderful eye! I want to see the world the way you do!July 1, 2011 – 5:47 pm

Blair Lee I would love a post about your experience as you started photography and what camera you started with and some things like that. Maybe some tips on taking pictures. I know alot of it has to do with your creativity and just having a “natural eye” for things. I would love to learn some tips so I can start taking pictures of my little one. I know having good equipment makes a difference and would like some suggestions from a pro like you on what would be a good camera to invest in. I also know alot of your talent is editing the pictures so maybe for us amatures a few suggestions on a program to use or suggestions on basic editing would be awesome. LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!June 30, 2011 – 9:26 am

Heidi I would love to know how you blur the bottom half of an image in photoshop like in your first image. I love your tutorials and photo tips! :) This is my fave photo blog!June 29, 2011 – 9:17 pm

Life with Kaishon Oh Arden! I know that your story is a special one. All of us could learn from it. Please share. Praying for you as you transition into motherhood of three : ). You can do it!June 29, 2011 – 8:21 pm

Samantha Workman Too personal? Never. Your personal stuff is always my favorite. It consistently brings me to tears. I personally enjoy how “real” you are with your stories; you never glass it over with a ‘happy ending’ when it isn’t part of the story. The “being a mom” stories and blogs help me realize “I’m not alone” which I think so many moms need to hear! I always love your holidays posts and Father’s Day and Mother’s Day and birthday’s and vacations … the more personal you are with your audience the more you draw us in and intrigue us. It’s always great. Continue being YOU!June 29, 2011 – 4:20 pm

Yvonne Sperrin Would love to know more about f-stops and what they all mean! (I need it explained in very simple terms) Also, whats the best lens to use to capture photos that create very blurred backgrounds :)June 29, 2011 – 3:10 pm

Carrie First of all – beautiful images – I love pregnant woman!! I have three little ones myself (3 in 4 years!). I could look at your pictures all day!

As for what lil’ old me would like to see on your blog – quite honestly anything. I love getting to know the people behind the lens – and whatever they want to share.

I love to know how people found their passion – what gave them that final push – and that first year(s) of figuring out who you want to be and how to balance. I love seeing SOOC and after’s – and how you got their.

And of course – images of the new bundle of joy. You never fail us – and if it is personal, technical – or just pretty pictures – we will be here to read and soak it in!June 29, 2011 – 2:53 pm

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