Well well, I seem to do these posts on any day of the week.

Today, of course, is Thanksgiving.

A day, in every year, where we Americans eat a lot, drink a lot, laugh a lot, and give THANKS via – most social networking sites, blogs, texts, and verbal love to their friends, family, and God.

So I am hopping on this cyber bandwagon!

Thanks?  Thanks!

Thank YOU. Thank them.  Thank HIM.

These last few weeks I have been swamped with work.

and I am super thankful and shocked.

BUT I am detached a bit from my reality:  My family.  My husband. My friend.  My kids.  My dogs. My God.  Life.

I owe so much to them (above) for assisting the craziness that I AM – my work – my business – my clients.

For this career would NOT be possible without you all.

Thanks to those who believe in my work, follow me, praise me, push me, look up to me, guide me, assist me, and set examples as business owners and artists.

YOU mean so much to my heart and soul!


My life seems somewhat complete, yet there is more to come;

but I have such a great foundation for my life.

Based on passion, absolute LOVE, relationships, desire, dreams, fun and comfort.

God has given me a plethora of blessings, that I never knew I wanted – or how I wanted them – HE has unfolded this amazing story – in my book of life.

I am ecstatic as I envision what my future holds and where this journey takes us.

Thanks be to Him, to YOU, to my lovely family, to my wonderful (and handsome) husband, to my beautiful children, and my sweet friends.

I love you all, dearly, unconditionally, and eternally.




Happy Thanksgiving Friends.

Now, I am going to GRUB on some DELICIOUS FOOD!


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Samantha I love you and Pierson laying in the grass! And I love Paul and Parker looking at each other thru the crib!!! So sweet. As always, love your blog today. Happy Turkey Day to you and your gorgeous family :)November 25, 2010 – 1:18 pm

Acacia Garcia Amazing words Arden! And even more amazing blessings! Happy Thanksgiving!
Acacia :)November 25, 2010 – 1:07 pm

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