The Flores Sixsome

I met Keri through Sara at her Bachelorette dinner.  She wanted to get family photos and after weeks of figuring out our schedules we finally had a date!  I was about 2 weeks away from giving birth and she was busy with 10 month old twins (Sophia and Grace), a 2 year old boy (Alex), a three year old girl (Isabel), and a husband.  I was super nervous about this shoot, only because I haven’t worked with so many children at once before, but it was so much fun!  Working with their family helped me remember why I love children so much.  They brought along the two God Moms – Sara and Jennifer – to assist.  May I say that this idea was the SMARTEST IDEA EVER?  Sara and Jenn helped distract, play with, change, carry, swap, and entertain all of the children.  I must say their dances behind me sure did catch the attention of the babes throughout the shoot.  I praise Keri and her husband for working their tushes off to keep their BIG beautiful brood happy, fun, and sweet loving.w1w2w3w4w5w6w7w8w9w10w11w12w13w14w15w16w17w18w19w21w20w22w23w24w25w26w27w28w29w30w31w32w33

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Christina Martinez Arden! Oh my gosh! I like to stalk you every now and then he he. Your work is outstanding! and talk about a small world !!!
I saw this Flores cat, thought to myself I know him. That is Mario !!! He is my neighbor (well his parents and my mom) are.

Congrats on your daughter. I have a little one myself! Loela Grace born 12.25.08. Yep! Christmas Baby!

By the way, you and Heather photographed our wedding :)December 9, 2009 – 3:38 pm

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