The Kirkpatrick Crew

How adorable is Cooper? I was there a day or two after he was born and have watched him grow into a fine young boy. He wanted to play during the shoot and I nearly lost my cookies riding the merry-go-round with him, but anything for the shot… right? Jenn and Russell laughed and loved a little extra on this shoot because of the presence of sweet Cooper. While I shot some photos of the two of them, he took their camera and mimicked me. We would here Cooper say “Okay look at me, okay good.” or “Daddy give Mommy a kiss.” It was precious and helped their images show true happiness and real emotions!


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Kirkpatrick Mini » Arden Prucha Photography […] Wow, I captured this family several times now!  One of my first blog posts on this blog in fact, you can see it here. […]January 6, 2011 – 12:51 pm

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