I have my sites linked to “google analytics” which is a really neat reporting page designed to keep track of where my visitors are coming from.  I am able to see how many people have viewed my site, from what country or state they are from, the average length of time spent on my site from the group of visitors, and what pages they have viewed.  Now, this may seem a little “Big Brotherish” to you, but it is such a neat thing to follow, for me!  I love seeing how many people viewed new postings or which countries have checked out my blog.  Believe it or not I have had people from 29 different COUNTRIES and 40 different states! It is so awesome hearing that my visitors are from Morocco, Philippines, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and… well I could go on and name 22 more if I really wanted to.:)  I had two reasons for writing this.  First, I would like to give a big Hello/Howdy to all of my visitors from whatever country or state you are from.  It is so great to know that people share my work or others just happen to stumble upon my site.  I also would like to say please DROP A COMMENT on any of my postings.  My comments are slim compared to all of the visitors that have dropped by.  I would love love love to hear from you guys – as long as it is positive 😉  All you do is leave your name and email with your comment and if you have a website you can add that in too.  I will not use your email for any reason, it is just required for security purposes.

I am getting back into work slowly but surely after the birth of our daughter, so keep checking back for new postings.  I will end this with a few of photos of my hubby while we were out scouting some locations.  Thank you so much for visiting! – love love – Arden


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